What to Wear Guide: Holiday Party Edition

The holidays are in full swing, December is here, which also means Christmas, which also means tons of Christmas events. For most, the holidays are stressful. You aren’t sure what to get for your white elephant gift, or for your secret Santa recipient…and don’t even mention what to get the in-laws this year. Then to add, you have tons of events. You may have a Christmas party weekly for the entire month of December! Now you have to add what to wear to your plate. YIKES! Look no further though, we have plenty of recommendations, and tips for even your classiest Christmas dinner. The link to all of these pieces will be for our Amazon storefront that you can easily get to and order.

A blazer + the color black are a staple for anything work AND party related! We put together this look for those who like a flat shoe or heels. Also, if you are a skinny jean lover we’ve got that for you too. Though, if you need an actual work trousers…we have you covered. The pop of white underneath the blazer brings perfect contrast. This blazer comes in multiple colors if you aren’t a fan of Christmas red! This vision board can brainstorm the idea for the perfect blazer + button-down + pants look.

A more casual but great look. A sweater dress is comfy, warm, and cute. The belts you see are to accentuate your waist line if you feel the look is “too baggy”. These Anne Klein watches are a HIT on Amazon right now and come in a few different colors. Also if you haven’t tried the new fleece-lined tights…you’re missing out.

Wow! This jumpsuit is a stunner, and we included a couple of different options for a pump, and this clutch comes in black too…if you’re a matchy-matchy person. The jewelry sets are dainty, but still great for the finishing touch on this classy look.

If you’re still here to the end…hear me out. An oversized tunic, and a tighter pant are the perfect balance for this casual party goer. Backless mules are trending, but if you’re cold natured you can jump into the leather booties. And yes, those are faux leather leggings…don’t knock ‘em until you’ve tried ‘em!

Oh, and men, we didn’t forget you either. We’ve pictured everything from a blazer to a sweater to a ¼ zip pullover. The button-downs,  dress pants, and khakis have been highly rated. Lastly, yes these can be mixed and matched to fit your own personal style. These are just suggestions, and that goes along with every outfit put together in this post!

You can find everything we listed above linked here; https://a.co/3Jgllsn

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