What Does Your House Color Say About You?

Are you a trendsetter? Or maybe you’re a trend follower? Are you daring? Loyal? Here is what your exterior house color says about you! 


You’re traditional. 

You appreciate a set table at dinner time complete with napkin rings. Your landscaping is classic, and full of simple colors. And you appreciate the consistency of a timeless style. 


You’re nurturing. 

Your favorite pastime is caring for those around you. Your plants never go dry, and there is always something baking in your oven. You strive to have a fruitful garden in your own backyard. The gravel-framed firepit is just the earthy-green cherry on top! 


You’re a classic.

You’re the “golden retriever” of the group, the loyal one. You would never dare cover up the beauty of red brick with white paint, nor would you move away from everything you know and love. You become friends with everyone you meet! 


You’re bold.

You’re never scared of being the center of attention, and you actually enjoy it. You’re daring. The first person to say “Yes!” to skydiving, and the last one to leave the amusement park. You’re always the trendsetter and the leader of the pack. 


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