Tips for Your Next Open House

Selling your home can feel like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t. It is our job as agents to walk you through every step, including your open house. We are going to give you all the tools we have to ensure that your home has the most potential to sell when someone walks through the front door. Your open house is the best place to make a lasting impression on potential buyers. While online listings can provide a glimpse into what your house looks like, buyers are able to really see if your house feels like a home to them during an open tour. Here are some tips that will help you maximize the chances of a potential buyer falling in love with your home:

1. Temporarily remove personalized items in your home. When a potential buyer is touring your house, they want to be able to feel at home. While staging the house to look like a home is important, removing items like family photos can help the space feel more personal to buyers, rather than an intrusion into someone else’s house.

2. Keep it simple. While you may be adjusted to the clutter that comes with everyday life, a potential buyer is going to notice messes you don’t even realize are there. Cleaning closets, putting away toys, and other organizational practices will help remove any distractions from your house that could put a bad taste in the mouth of a potential buyer. 

3. Don’t create a ‘no-go’ zone. While it may be easy to use a room or a closet as a place to hide clutter, creating a space where potential buyers are not allowed can easily turn them away. Keep in mind that they are considering making your home their own, so they are going to want to see every part of it. 

4. Keep your children and pets out of the house. While plenty of people love babies and puppies, it is easy to get distracted by a dog that won’t stop barking while someone is trying to tour your home. Use this time to take a trip to the park or set up a play date for your children - even the furry ones - so I can sell your home while you relax!

Let’s get in touch! We will get your house sold in no time.


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