How to Save Money on Your AC Bill this Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, which means your energy bill may start climbing. Georgia heat can be brutal, but here are a few ways to keep your bill down this year:

Cover your windows:

This is especially important if you have older windows that are not energy efficient. Blinds, curtains, or even a window film can drastically reduce the amount of summer heat in your home.

Invest in a good ceiling fan:

Some would think this is a no-brainer, but it can be forgotten. Ceiling fans offer constant air circulation, which can help the rising temperatures.

Adjust your thermostat:

One of the easiest ways to save money on your power bill in the summer is to    simply adjust your thermostat. When you’re at work all day you don't want your home to be at 68°F. Try creating reminders to adjust your thermostat when you’re leaving your home for longer periods. This trick can even save you nearly 10% on your bill. 

Add a few more trees to your yard:

Direct sunlight into your home drastically increases the temperature. Take some time to plant large, leafy trees around your home and near windows. These trees will provide shade over your home, which in turn can help your wallet. 


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