How to Make Your Listing Photos Stand Out!

In today’s plugged-in world, 90% of home-buyers start their search online, from the comfort of their home. There are hundreds of listings on a multitude of websites and it can be difficult to make your listing stand out against the competition. First impressions are everything, here are some tips on how to make your listing photos outshine others:

1. Choose the best time and day to shoot

When you shoot photos is one of the most important variables when it comes to home photography. Make sure to pick a time of day when the sun is at its peak and shining through the windows. And be ready to wait for a different day if the clouds are out. Natural light is your best weapon, and knowing how to utilize it to your advantage will benefit you greatly.  

2. Clean up your curb appeal

The outside of your home may not be the first photo buyers will see online, but if they come to see the house in person, it’s the first area they’ll see. And first impressions are everything! Giving as much attention to the outside as you do the inside is important. Take the time to pull some weeds, fill up those empty flower pots, sweep off the porch and walkways, and ultimately, make your curb appeal shine!

3. Declutter, declutter, declutter!

After cleaning up your outdoor spaces, take time to clean up the interior as well! One of the great home-staging tricks is to depersonalize. Depersonalizing your spaces will help potential buyers be able to visualize themselves in your home more easily. Take out that “lived in” look by removing toys, personal photos, and any other excessive clutter that could distract the eye from your space itself.

4. Find the right angles

Angles are an important part of photography, no matter what the subject is. With real estate photography, angles that are too high or low can easily distort the size of the space or the items within it. Angles that are eye-level and straight will best highlight the space and its features. The best way to get the straightest photos is by using a tripod, which can be found for a low cost on Amazon if you don’t already own one. 

5. Take advantage of the best home-staging tactics

You don’t have to hire a professional home-stager to implement some of their best-known tips and tricks. Research some of the best tactics you can use to catch online viewers' attention. For example, putting a large plant near a window with a beautiful view can help draw a buyer’s eye to that space. And avoid mistakes such as oversized items, like flower arrangements, in the middle of the room, which will stop the buyer’s eye from exploring the entire space.

6. Go with the natural look

Don’t rely on over-editing to make your photos look “better”, less is always more and the natural look is more appealing when attracting buyers. By following the tips above, you have a greater chance of creating the right content naturally. Using photoshop to remove unwanted items can get really messy real fast, and brightening your photos with filters can make your space look washed out.

7. Less is always more!

For anything in life, quality is better than quantity. After shooting your photos, take the time to evaluate and pick the best 12 to 15 photos. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm potential buyers with too many photos, and a handful of great images should be able to show off the home’s best qualities. Less is always more!


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