Home Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is right around the corner. Have you started shopping for your loved ones? Follow below to see our recommendations for the best home gifts this year! Check out our Amazon storefront as well; https://www.amazon.com/shop/shannonsellsteam

A Watercolor Photo of Their Home

This is a great gift for not just the first-time home buyer but for anyone who loves a sentimental gift and has a special place in their heart for where they call home. We also love this gift because it can be cherished for years to come. If you’re looking for where to buy this holiday gift we recommend giving Etsy a look. 

Custom Welcome Mat

Custom welcome mats are all the rage these days. Depending on the person’s personality you can make them cute, funny, snarky, etc to match. This can make a great gift for anyone, but just forewarning you, you might end up purchasing one for yourself as well. Check out Zazzle, and Etsy for this product. 

Bar Cart

Nothing says greeting your guests into your home like a bar cart! Even if you have a sober friend these are great additions to every home. They can show off cute glasses, sodas, liquor, decorations, etc. PLUS! Just a tip for the holidays…mention decorating them with hot chocolate, eggnog, or both. Make hosting easier for your friends by looking at Target, Wayfair, and Amazon for the best bar carts!

Custom Serving Tray

Everyone needs a serving tray; especially those who love having gatherings at their place. Rather than getting a simple one from the average local department store, look into getting a custom tray with their last name, monograph, photo, or something else unique. This is a way to step up a traditional gift. Etsy is your best bet to find these. 

Home Security System

From a practical perspective, every homeowner needs a security system. This gift can be pricey, we know, though highly worth it. We love the Ring security system, but there are many good ones out there!

Blanket Rack + Comfy Blankets

Who doesn’t love a good throw blanket?! PLUS somewhere to put them instead of folded up in the coat closet, or built up on the couch. Super soft blanket materials would be velvet, chenille, and fleece; any three of those would be a hit. If you know the style of the inside of their home, you can match this with the various kinds of blanket racks. They have ladders, racks, then wooden and metal types. Online shopping is trending, and we love it here too, but we recommend going to places like Tj Maxx, and Marshalls to get the best “feel” for the blankets.

Spice Rack/Organizer

This gift is less spice though, and more fun. If you search for spice racks or organizers on Target, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Amazon, and even Walmart you will find a variety of these. There are PLENTY to choose from - these range from sitting on the counter on a swivel to hanging out in the cabinet to even laying out in their drawers.


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