8 Open House Food Ideas

When hosting an open house party, the goal is to not just attract potential buyers, but to keep them around longer. What better way to keep a party going than offering snacks? Probably nothing!

But beware, not all snacks are Open House friendly. You want to offer food that is portable, safe, and familiar. The more comfortable the potential buyers feel- the longer they’ll stick around and browse the home. 

Let’s dive into the 8 best open house food ideas to make your house feel more like a home to potential buyers…

1. Old Reliable: Cookies

If you walk into an open house party, you’re almost guaranteed to see a plate of freshly baked cookies. Cookies are a safe serving choice because they look nice, they smell even better, and who can pass up a freshly baked cookie?! If you choose to serve these sweet snacks, next time, take it a step further. Cookies can easily be individually wrapped in plastic with a sticker of your logo on the front. This small touch will go a long way with potential clients.

2. Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board is a sure-fire hit at any party and is highly customizable. But in today’s world, people are less likely to be okay with a communal food board, especially with strangers. If you decide charcuterie is the way to go for your open house party, I would recommend making charcuterie cups. Individual vessels with an assortment of meats and cheeses, you can even add some fruit on the side. Not only are these safer to eat, but they’re also portable which allows more time for potential buyers to peruse your home.

3. Roasted Nuts

Roasted nuts are a sophisticated option for your party. There are many types of nuts to choose from, and they can take on many different flavor profiles. I would recommend offering more than one kind and individually wrapping them with your logo sticker on the front. If you have more than enough, offer party-goers to take some to-go. They’ll see the logo later on and remember you and your wonderful party!

4. Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are a more substantial offering. While being filling, they’re easy to carry around and allow guests to walk around and mingle while eating. They can be customized to fit any palette or diet restriction, and most guests will probably have more than one! These snacks are typically best served cold, so I would opt for smaller trays stored in the fridge, that you can keep replacing when the spread is gone. 

5. Brownies

If you’re looking for another sweet treat to serve at your open house party, look no further than brownies! Brownies are another comforting offering that will make your guests feel welcome. Brownies can be made with nuts or no nuts, extra chocolate chips, or butterscotch chips. Blondies are also a great option for people that don’t enjoy chocolate. One thing about brownies is that they can be chewy and crumbly, so I’d recommend keeping small plates and napkins stacked nearby!

6. Crostinis

The more sophisticated sister to finger sandwiches is the crostini, an open-faced sandwich topping a crispy baguette slice. You can top a crostini with basically anything. I would recommend a goat cheese and honey crostini, the perfect mix of sweet and savory! Like a brownie, the crunchy texture of the crostini can produce crumbs, so small plates are recommended. 

7. Hummus cups

If you go to any type of party, there’s always some kind of dip and chips available. But with an open house party, the goal is to get the party-goers away from the food table and walk around the house! If you’d still like to offer some kind of dip, individual hummus cups are a guaranteed hit. A scoop of hummus with some veggie sticks in a portable vessel is a familiar and fun option. But don’t limit yourself to hummus! Guacamole would also work well in this presentation style. Have fun with it!

8. Skewers

Just like many of the other options, skewers are a highly customizable finger food to serve at your party! Skewers can be sweet or savory, vegetarian friendly, or made for meat lovers, the possibilities are endless. I would recommend making a few different options to serve, that way there will be something for everyone. Skewers are also very portable and can hold a good amount of food on them, which allows more time for the party-goers to browse your home!

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