6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining a Real Estate Team

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries to work in. When starting out, it’s easy to feel lost, confused and most of all, inexperienced, compared to other agents in your area (which there are plenty of!). While the real estate world may be cutthroat and fierce, joining a real estate team is a wonderful way to learn the ropes and get the support you need. Even if you’re a seasoned industry professional, there are copious amounts of pros to joining a team…

1. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from more experienced agents on your team

By far, the biggest benefit of joining a real estate team is the team members themselves. As an independent agent, it could take months to break into the industry in your area and establish your business, and you wouldn’t often work alongside other agents. On a team, you’ll have a front-row view to seeing how experienced agents handle their leads, transactions, and every step in between, and you’ll be able to use that knowledge to become a better agent yourself.

2. Comes with an ample amount of training and support

A real estate team only wants the best of the best to represent them, therefore, you’ll be presented with ample opportunities for proper real estate industry training and education. Courses like these can sometimes be pricey and wouldn’t be as widely available to you as an independent agent. Real estate teams will also schedule weekly training sessions as well to continue to help you develop and hone your real estate skills.

3. Joint marketing efforts will help you grow, especially when starting out!

One of the hardest parts about breaking into the real estate market is getting your name out there. By joining a team, you will benefit from any and all marketing efforts to pull in potential buyers and sellers. By association, customers of your team become your potential customers as well. Social media posts, door-to-door efforts, and any marketing events will boost your credibility and popularity in the community you are serving.

4. You’ll earn a more predictable and steady income 

Since it is easier to establish yourself as an agent when joining a real estate team, this can lead to a more predictable income. It isn’t uncommon for an agent to go months without a successful sale, which can make budgeting difficult. But on a team, you will constantly get fed potential leads and have a group of teammates to help keep you accountable for your efforts.

On top of that, the team will share the expenses for necessary resources and tools such as MLS fees, office supplies, marketing materials, etc. which will ultimately generate better income as well. 

5. Everyone is working together towards the success of the team

A real estate team is like a small business, individuals have their position but everyone is working towards a common goal. When you join a team, people that would’ve been viewed as your competitors now become your colleagues. For example, if an agent is too busy and can’t give the proper attention to a potential client, they’ll refer them to another agent on the team. This keeps them in the business instead of letting them go off to work with a team’s competitor. Leads will be constantly shared and referred to different agents among your team, which can lead to more business for you!

6. There is a greater opportunity for a more manageable work-life balance 

The greatest benefit of joining a real estate team is… the team itself. When you are working alongside and with other established agents and building personal relationships with them, you become more than just work colleagues. Having a team to back you can help you establish a better work-life balance. If you’re operating as a solo agent, you have no choice but to be present for every step of each transaction. But if life gets in the way of work from time to time, working with other established agents can help you more easily navigate and balance your schedule.


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