5 Real Estate Myths Debunked

1. Selling your home without an agent will save you money

We get it, you think that cutting commission costs to an agent this will save you money AND you’ll get max value for your home. Unfortunately, that is not the case in most scenarios. FSBOs (for sale by owners) often list their home way too high which leads to their homes being on the market for months and not understanding why they aren’t getting any offers. Flipping to the other side of things, some sellers will list their home too low and then end up losing money! Easing the stress of selling your home plus getting the best-asking price can become a reality when you hire a real estate agent.

2. Agents just want to make a sale

You’re probably shaking your head thinking yep this one is true. Though, here at Shann0n Sells Team we help anyone and everyone. This isn’t “just a sale”, for the smart agents, this is lifelong. A business is built on building relationships, which leads to referrals, and then future success. These sales can also turn into friendships that you never thought you would have! We are like your biggest cheerleader rooting for you while helping you make one of the biggest and best decisions of your life.

3. If you renovate your home before selling you will make all of that money back

We wish this was true, but the downside is that it is not.  I know it is hard to believe but there are improvements that can even hurt the value of your home. That is why it is so important to have a real estate agent who can educate you on what improvements can turn into profit.

4. Price your home to leave for negotiations

Oh boy, this one can be risky! Like we said before, listing your home too high can backfire on you if you are doing it just for the negotiations…this can lead to your home being on the market for far too long. Buyers aren’t going to waste time looking at a home way above their price point, and in the end, you miss potential buyers.

5. Real estate agents make boatloads of money

Selling sunset on Netflix gives the public a fantasy look into what kind of income real estate agents make. It is not to say that the potential to make a lot of money isn’t there…you will have to work hard for it. This also all depends on your location and what the housing market is like there. After the sale has been completed they aren’t given a check for 6% of the selling price and are told here is your commission. There is money on the backend that agents have to pay. The couple’s agent that is buying the home you are selling, has to be paid too, so oftentimes the commission is split from 6% to 3%. Then after this split, there are fees coming from this check too, like transaction coordinator fees, listing coordinator fees, closing coordinator fees, multiple listing services fees, splits to the brokerages they work for, and other fees that certain brokerages charge. This goes to prove that they aren’t in it just for sale, they truly have a passion for helping others (most of the time that is).


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