5 Qualities of a Good Neighbor

Unruly animals, loud music until all hours of the night, unkempt yards, and general hostility... These are just a few of the unpleasant qualities of a bad neighbor. No one wants to live with bad neighbors - or unknowingly be one! Home buyers can investigate local schools, parks, and restaurants, but it's harder to know what the neighbors are like until you are living in the home. Here's a couple of easy ways to make sure you are a good neighbor.

  1. Be friendly. Always present a smiling, friendly attitude while interacting with your new neighbors but be sure to respect boundaries as well.
  2. Respect quiet times. Generally accepted quiet times, such as early mornings or late evenings are a given, but be respectful of playing loud music or activities during other times as well. It's also nice to inform your neighbors if you plan on having a large gathering.
  3. Keep your home and yard clean. Your home's "curb appeal" is a reflection of you. Keep the appearance of your home up to the standards of the neighborhood.
  4. Watch out for your neighborhood. Help out by picking up newspapers when your neighbor is on vacation or offer to pick up packages that are dropped off.
  5. Handle situations like an adult. If an issue arises, address it quickly and maturely.

Ultimately, you can't handle how other people act - only how you respond. Set a good example by being kind and courteous. This builds community and makes for a pleasant experience for everyone involved. So be a good neighbor!

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